Understanding the Adobe Connect Management Interface

The Adobe Connect management interface can be broken down into several key sections, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Adobe Connect interface

When you first login to the management interface, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown.  This screen can be divided into 3 sections:


1 – The Menu Bar.  This allows you to select which area of Connect you wish to interact with.  In most situations, you will only have permissions to view and interact with the ‘Home’, ‘Content’, and ‘Meeting’ sections of the Adobe Connect system.


2 – My Meetings.  This frame will list meetings which you are involved with, allowing quick access to these meetings.  You can select any of these meetings to view more information, or click on the ‘Open’ button to enter the meeting.


3 – Meeting Details.  This frame will display the details of the currently selected meeting, along with the link for the meeting.


Note that frames 2 & 3 may change if you select ‘My Calendar’ or ‘Resources’ instead of ‘My Meetings’