Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams sometimes referred to as MS Teams or just Teams. The following guides are for setting up for learning activities. For additional guides and help with Microsoft Teams please look at the iSolutions help website.

For advice on which remote online learning tools to use please look at the excellent CHEP pages:

Setting up a Teams group

This guide shows the steps needed to create a Teams group for your Blackboard course.


Joining a Teams group from Blackboard or email code

This guide will show how to join a Teams group from a shared code. For Staff and Students. 


Joining a Teams meeting

This guide will show how to join a Teams meeting for staff and students.


How can External Guests join a Teams meeting?

This guide will help external guests join a Teams meeting.


How can I create reoccurring Teams meetings?

This guide will help to quickly set up reoccurring meetings.


Adding Blackboard to Teams

This guide shows you how to add a link to Blackboard in your Teams group area.


Staff: Using Teams for remote teaching

For staff: CHEP have created several quick guides on using Teams.


Adding Teams/Stream videos to Blackboard Recorded Sessions (Panopto)

This guide shows how to get a recorded meeting into a Blackboard courses Recorded Sessions area or Panopto.


Embedding Teams meeting videos into Blackboard

With this guide, so long as you have selected to record a meeting, you can then paste a link or embed the video into a Blackboard course area.