Questionmark OnDemand for new users

This page is designed to help new authors create their first questions in Questionmark OnDemand. As iSolutions move to the cloud-based OnDemand system, we will move content from Authoring Manager, but new authors should start on the new easy-to-use version.

Signing in

iSolutions will need to make an account for you to use OnDemand. If you don’t have an account yet, follow step 1 here –

If iSolutions has made you an account, follow step 2 to sign in –

Finding your questions

When creating your account, we will create a folder for your items. If you’ve asked us to, we may have imported some questions from previous exams.

Sign in to OnDemand and choose “Authoring” from the top menu and then “Topics”.

OnDemand, Home, Authoring (Selected). Topics and assessment in list. Topics selected.

Click the arrow next to your course folder and click on this year’s academic year (e.g. 2022-23).

GEOG1011, 2018-19

Creating questions in your folder

You can create new questions by clicking on “New” at the top of the second column in Topics.

New: multiple choice, True False, Text match

You can choose from a long list of question types, but the popular ones are

Multiple choice: Choose one correct answer from a list of choices
Top tip: OnDemand has special “All of the above” and “None of the above” buttons that, when you randomise the order of the choices, always put these choices at the bottom
Multiple choice help:

Multiple response: Choose one or more correct answers from a list of choices
Top tip: At least one choice must be correct, a question with no choices ticked is considered unanswered
Multiple choice help:

Essay questions: iSolutions does not recommend using Essay questions. Ask about adding a Word element to your exam

Pull down question: From a list of choices, choose the option that matches it
Top tip: If every option has a matching choice, you can force students to pick unique items by using a Matching question instead
Pull down question help:

Creating a rubric

Exams should have a rubric page at the start of the exam. They consist of some mandatory iSolutions text and your instructions to students.

You should create your instructions by creating an Explanation question and putting it in the Rubric folder. The rubric folder is typically in your course folder, but not inside your 2022-23 folder.

Making the assessment

Assessments are in the “Authoring” menu. Staff cannot and should not create their own assessments. iSolutions will create your assessment when you have finished writing your questions. They will make sure that…

  • All the questions in your topic folder are delivered to students
  • Questions appear in a random order
  • Feedback and scores are not shown to students
  • A rubric block is available with the mandatory text and your instructions and that the submit button says “Start Exam”

You should specifically ask if

  • You want questions to appear in more than one “block” (a block is a set of questions that students cannot return to once submitted)
  • You would like questions to appear with a digital formula sheet, scenario, or other text permanently on the left-hand side of every question
  • Instructions are required at the end of the exam
  • Word (or another application) should be made available after the exam

Viewing your exam

Once your assessment is created, you can use the “Print for review” button to print a copy of the questions with all their answers and score options. You can also “Try Out” the exam in your browser.

New, Copy, Delete, Export, Tryout, Publish, Print for Review

You are not able to edit the assessment. Clicking on an assessment will show a non-descript error message.

Scheduling and publishing your exam

When you are happy with the assessment, you should request that it be scheduled –

As part of the scheduling process, you will receive a PDF copy of your exam (the print for review) and a link to the real exam (this is different to Try Out as we save your results, and you can confirm you received 100% for your exam).

If you edit any question after iSolutions has published it, you must request for your exam to be republished.