OnDemand: Signing into QuestionMark OnDemand

If you already have an OnDemand account and are within the University network…

Log into OnDemand

Otherwise, follow the following two steps to get access to OnDemand

Step 1: Requesting an account

If you wish to use OnDemand as a new author or as someone moving from Authoring Manager, you can request a new account. If you’ve asked us to move questions to the server on your behalf, we may have already created it.

iSolutions staff will create a new author, create the groups, have group permissions added to the author and username added to jfPerceptionAuthor

Please request this account via an email to ServiceLine.

Step 2: Signing in via ExamStart

ExamStart is an internal website. To access it you will need to be

  • On campus OR
  • Connected to VPN OR
  • Using the VDI/Student Virtual Environment

Once you can access internal resources, visit https://examstart.southampton.ac.uk/. If you are using a University Windows computer, we recommend using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Using these browsers will simplify the sign in process.

On the ExamStart website click on “Log into Perception OnDemand”.

You may see a message saying “Access denied” with a long line of text in the address bar. If this happens, refresh the page.
If you are repeatedly asked for your University username and password then your account is not yet created (see step 1).

If you are not using Edge or Internet Explorer on a University Windows PC, you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your standard University/SUSSED/email username and password.



Once you have followed these two steps, you can continue to log onto QuestionMark OnDemand by visiting https://examstart.southampton.ac.uk/. Steps 1 only needs to be done once.