Panopto – Creating a recording

Instructions for Windows PCs

The Windows guides go step by step through the Panopto process.

Three guides are available, depending on what you wish to record in your lecture room or at your staff PC.

Audio and Screen

If you do not wish to capture video use this guide to capture your voice and your screen, that can include PowerPoint presentations.

Video and Screen

If you wish to capture video of a person use this guide to capture your voice and a video of the presenter. The guide covers recording PowerPoint or other presentation on your screen.

Audio and Whiteboard

If you wish to capture a video of a whiteboard or blackboard use this guide. It covers recording your voice as well as your PowerPoint presentation and screen.

Instructions for macOS

Mac Recorder

The instructions on the left show you how to use the Windows version of the Panopto recorder. For macOS specific instructions, click here.

Beta applications

Panopto Board Capture

Beta: If you capture whiteboard and blackboards regularly, you may wish to test our new Panopto Board Capture application

Common errors

Finding folders

If you cannot find the folder you know is provisioned, this page tells you how to open subfolders in the Panopto Recorder.