Installing Panopto on a University computer

The following guide is for University computers that are not in a lecture theatre or workstation room, these rooms have Panopto installed already. If Panopto is not present please contact ServiceLine.

Users with a University supplied Apple Mac, please see the guide for Mac installation.

Start by closing or minimising any open windows until you can see your desktop.

On your desktop Double click on “Additional Software”, or click ‘Start’ and type ‘Additional Software’ it should show on the list. Click to load this.

When the Software Center has loaded. In the top right search bar type in ‘Panopto’. It should find only one option of ‘Panopto 6.0 for Staff’, double click on it.

On the details page click on the blue button to ‘Install’ the software. It should do this in the background.

If you are working from home during Covid-19 on a University laptop and get an error while installing, please follow the non-University computer instructions.

Once installed you can load up the Panopto recorder from your desktop. Note it has the same consent box as with all lecture theatre computers. You should read the terms and conditions of Panopto use before ticking the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of its use. Then click on the ‘Launch Panopto’ button.

Panopto will then load, make sure you use the option to log in with Blackboard, where you can log in as normal.

You will then be logged into the Panopto recorder, you can use our support guides to help make a recording. Or follow the on-screen tips. Please note: You must have a working audio source to make a Panopto recording, if Panopto cannot hear you the recording will fail.

If you need any additional help on the next steps of making a recording please go to our create a recording page.