No-installation Panopto Recorder

A warning about Beta products: Beta products are not fully supported by Panopto or iSolutions. The Beta Recorder should be used as a last resort for staff who cannot install the normal recorder. Before using the Beta recorder please make a test recording and make reasonably short, bite-size, recordings in case the recording fails to upload and you have to re-make your video.

1. Launch Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture (Beta) currently requires you to use Google Chrome. Ensure it is up to date by opening ⋮ > Help > About Google Chrome.

1.1. Open Blackboard > Your course > Recorded sessions or the Panopto Administration Website and select Panopto Capture (Fig. 1). 

User-added imageFigure 1

1.2. Panopto Capture launches in a new browser tab (Fig. 2). 

User-added image Figure 2

2. Select an Audio Source

2.1. To create a video, first select the microphone to use with the recording. Click the microphone icon in the upper left corner of Panopto Capture (Fig. 3).

User-added image Figure 3

2.2. Each microphone connected to your computer will appear as a button in the preview area. Select the desired microphone by clicking on a button (Fig. 4).

User-added image Figure 4

2.2.a. Talking at a normal volume will allow you to test your microphones. The bar at the left of each box indicates how well the microphone is picking up audio. Select a microphone that shows green in this bar. If yellow or red is showing, the video’s audio may be distorted (Fig. 5). If no green is showing, the microphone is not picking up audio.
User-added image Figure 5

3. Select Camera Sources

3.1. To record a camera source, select the camera icon in the upper centre of Panopto Capture (Fig. 6). If you do not want to record any cameras, you can skip this step.

User-added imageFigure 6

3.2. Each camera connected to your computer will show up as a button in the preview area. Each button will show a preview of each camera. Select the desired camera(s) by clicking on the button(s) (Fig. 7).

3.2.a. The first camera selected will be recorded as the primary video source. This source appears in the upper left side of the video viewer and is typically video of a presenter. For more information on the video viewer, please see Learn About the Features of the Video Viewer.

3.2.b. Any additional cameras selected will be recorded as secondary video sources. These appear on the right side of the viewer along with screen or application sources.

User-added imageFigure 7

4. Select Screen and Application Sources

4.1. To record a screen, application window, or individual chrome tab, select the monitor icon with the plus sign in the upper right of Panopto Capture (Fig. 8). If you do not want to record any screens or applications, you can skip this step.

User-added image Figure 8

4.2. A window will open. Here you can choose the source to record.

4.2.a. To record everything that happens on a screen, choose Your Entire Screen. Then, select the screen to record and click Share.  Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording (Fig. 9).

User-added image Figure 9

4.2.b. To record everything that happens in one application window only, choose Application Window. Then, select the application to record and click Share (Fig. 10).

User-added image Figure 10

4.2.c. To record everything that happens in one Chrome browser tab, choose Chrome Tab. Then, select the tab to record and click Share.  Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording (Fig. 11).

User-added imageFigure 11

4.3. After choosing one screen or application source, you may add additional sources by selecting the monitor icon again.

5. Preview and Settings

5.1. You will see a preview of your selected video sources in Panopto Capture (Fig. 12). To remove a video source, hover over the preview of the source and click the X. To preview a source in full screen, hover over the preview of the source and click the full screen icon. 

User-added image Figure 12

5.2. To change the video settings, click the gear icon in the lower right corner (Fig. 13). 

User-added image Figure 13

5.2.a. Select Count down when pressing the Record button to have a 5 second count down appear on screen before recording begins. This option is on by default (Fig. 14).
5.2.b. Select Record in SD to record the video at a lower standard definition resolution rather than the default high definition resolution (Fig. 14).

User-added image Figure 14

5.2.c. Recording Quality Information

  • HD Recording Quality
    • Primary Resolution: 1280×720
    • Secondary Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Frames Per Second Primary: 60
    • Frames Per Second Secondary: 15
    • Bitrate: 1500 kbps
  •   SD Recording Quality
    • Primary Resolution: 1024×576
    • Secondary Resolution: 1280×720
    • Frames Per Second Primary: 30
    • Frames Per Second Secondary: 15
    • Bitrate: 600 kbps

6. Recording the Video

6.1. To begin recording your video, click the red circle button at the bottom center of Panopto Capture (Fig. 15).

User-added image Figure 15

6.2.  If enabled, you will see a 5 second countdown on screen, and then the recording will begin.

6.3. To stop recording,  select the red square button at the bottom center of Panopto Capture (Fig. 16). The video will immediately begin to upload. Do not close the Panopto Capture browser tab until the upload is complete.

User-added image Figure 16

7. Video Upload and Processing

7.1. Once the recording is stopped, the video will immediately begin uploading to your My Folder. A new screen appears that shows the video’s upload and processing progress.  Even before uploading is complete, you can select Share to invite others to view your video (Fig. 17).

User-added image Figure 17

7.2. Do not close your browser tab until uploading is complete. Uploading is complete when the status bar reads Getting your video ready for editing (Fig. 18). 

User-added imageFigure 18

“Getting your video for editing” shows the process of your video on the server. You do not have to wait for the progress bar unless it says uploading.

7.3. Change the name and description for your video using the entry boxes on the right side of the screen (Fig. 19). To change the folder, type the name of the folder or use the drop down menu to choose from all your folders (Fig. 19a).

A bug in the recorder is currently putting all recordings into your My Folder, even if started from your Blackboard course. Be sure to change it here or move it later.

User-added imageFigure 19

User-added imageFigure 19a

7.4. When the video is finished processing, you can also begin editing or viewing your video (Fig. 20).

User-added imageFigure 20

7.5. If you need to record your video again instead of saving it to the video library, click Redo in the upper right corner (Fig. 21)

User-added image Figure 21

7.6. If you would like to record another video, click New in the upper right corner (Fig. 22)

User-added image Figure 22

7.7 If you do not need to record another video, just close the browser window