Videos in PowerPoint presentations

This page explains the best way to workaround having a video within your PowerPoint, while still having a high quality Panopto recording.

What is the problem?

Panopto captures video in two different way. The primary video (help on recording primary video) is a fast moving, low quality video that normally appears in the top left hand corner of your presentation. The secondary video (help on recording secondary video) is slow moving, high quality video that fills the majority of the screen when viewed back.

Screen capture is a secondary video source and therefore is large, but jumpy (low frame rate). Also, secondary video doesn’t include sound; therefore your video will either be silent or be very poor quality (where only the sound picked up from the speakers by your microphone is recorded).

What’s the solution?

The best solution is to upload the video to Panopto and then replace the recording of your video with the uploaded video.

To do this you will need to upload the video from your PowerPoint into Panopto using our uploading guide.

Once the video is uploaded and processed (this may take some time, but should be under an hour) you can add it into your presentation.

The editor

  1. Open the Panopto editor using our Load the Panopto Editor guide
  2. Edit out the video from your presentation using our Panopto Editor Cutting guide
  3. Click on the timeline where you would like the video to begin. A red line will appear
    A red line is at the editing mark
  4. Click on the Add Content button in the editor
    A button is highlighted. It has two pages on top of each other with a plus icon.
  5. Find the video you uploaded and click on it

    A search box is highlighted in a screen called add video or presentation. A session called "My Video" is also highlighted.
    Search for, or locate the video. Click to enlarge.
  6. Ensure “Click to position” is selected in the window and press OK
    New session position: Click to position is highlighted
  7. Click on the timeline where you wish your video to be inserted. If you did step 3 above, this will be the red line
    A red line is at the editing mark
  8. The video you captured with the Panopto Recorder is now replaced with a high quality version

    The Panopto editor has a section in the middle titled My Video, which is positioned slightly lower than the other parts of the timeline making it stand out.
    The video is added into the editor. Click to enlarge.
  9. Click Save