Tagging Panopto videos for permanent links

Tagging is the process of adding unique text to a video so that it appears in a Panopto search. It can be useful if you wish to link to a particular point in a video (or multiple videos) or if you wish to have a permanent link to a video that you may want to update in the future.

To tag a video after it is uploaded

  1. Open the Panopto editor
  2. Find the point in the video you wish to link to (leave the cursor at the start for it to be 00:00)
    audio waveform mouse is hovering over 27 seconds
  3. Ensure you are on “Content” in the left-hand menu
    Content (selected), captions, slides
  4. Type # followed by a unique piece of text. I recommend # then your module code, then a description to ensure uniqueness.
    e.g. #BIOL1001UnderstandingBiology1 #CHEM1002AddingWater #FREN1003FeedbackToTest0042
    Add a description #sesa1015feedback0001
  5. Click Apply
    Apply, revert

To tag a video as you capture it

  1. In PowerPoint type # followed by a unique piece of text into a text box. I recommend # then your module code, then a description to ensure uniqueness.
    e.g. #BIOL1001UnderstandingBiology1 #CHEM1002AddingWater #FREN1003FeedbackToTest0042
    Example Slide with text and #SESA1015Feedback0001 written in small text in the bottom left
  2. Ensure that “Capture PowerPoint” is ticked (iSolutions recommends this always be ticked)
    Capture Powerpoint (ticked) Capture Main Screen (ticked)

To link to a tagged video

  1. Go to the Panopto administration website and sign in if prompted
  2. Adding quotes (“) to your tag, type it into the search bar
    panopto search "#SESA1015Feedback0001"
  3. Copy the link in the address bar
    southampton.cloud url
  4. Paste this link when you want to refer students to the tagged point of the video.
    The link has some special characters within it. If you wish to make a second tag, we recommend re-searching rather than editing the link.

Replacing the video

If you wish to replace the video, you can delete the old version and add the tag to the new version. The link to the tag will continue to work. Multiple videos can be tagged if you wish.


Please note that a student must be entitled to view the video. Adding a tag to a private video (or video in a previous year’s course) will not automatically allow them to see it. Use a Rollover Folder if required.

Tags work across all courses. If you use a tag each year, you may be able to see multiple videos, but students will only see videos they are entitled to see.