Recorded Sessions asks me to ‘Click to sign in’

If your “Recorded Sessions” link in Blackboard only shows a black screen saying “Click to sign in and play video” instead of showing Panopto content, follow the guide below. Choose your own web browser for the second section.

Blackboard. Majority of screen is black with small "Click to sign in and play video" in the centre of the black.
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Step 1

Open in your browser and sign in (if you are already signed into Blackboard the process will be quick and automatic). Switch back to Blackboard and re-navigate to Recorded Sessions. If the same screen appears continue to Step 2.

Step 2

Choose your browser from the following list:

Step 3

Contact ServiceLine if cleaning your cookies does not work correctly. Please supply the link you are trying to access and tell us if private browsing worked before you attempted to clear your cookies.