Panopto – Moving from My Folder to a Blackboard folder

This page gives you specific instructions on what to do if you have recorded into your “My Folder”  but need the recording to be available to your students in Blackboard.

For more generic instructions see how to move a single video into another folder or how to move multiple videos into another folder.

  1. Ensure that your Blackboard course is provisioned. One instructor has to do this on each course each year.
  2. Open the Panopto admin website (and sign in via Blackboard if asked to)
  3. Click on “My Folder” in the left-hand menu
    Home, My Folder
  4. Tick the boxes next to the sessions you want to move

    There sessions are visible on Panopto. The first and third are ticked. Most infomration is blurred out.
    Tick the sessions. Click to enlarge.
  5. Click on Move
    Buttons. Move is highlighted next to delete and copy
  6. From the drop-down list, start typing the name of your course. You will see folders with an eight character name and a longer course folder that includes a year. Choose the folder with the long name and this year’s academic year within it.
    PSYC6019 in PSYC, PSYC6109-32027-17-18 in PSYC6109
  7. Finally, click on the large green Move button that appears
    Folder name. A large green move button. A close button

If you have not made any changes to your Blackboard / Panopto folder permissions, the video is immediately available to your students.