Advanced – Two courses with the same video content

Note: This is an advanced guide. Most Panopto users should contact ServiceLine and request this be done on their behalf

This guide explains how to set up Panopto so that you can record one video that is used on courses that are the same with different module numbers. For example PAIR2024 and PAIR3021 are the same course, but for second and third-year students.

First, ensure that both modules are provisioned for use with Panopto.

A number of automated support tasks happen within 60 minutes of provisioning a Blackboard course. If you provision the course, please wait 60 minutes before following the rest of this guide.

Pick a course that you wish to record content into. For this example, we have chosen PAIR2024. The second folder (PAIR3021) exists in Panopto, but cannot be used as students cannot see it.

Enter the recorded sessions area of the Blackboard course you chose not to use

Click on reconfigure

You can update the folders configured for this course in Panopto. Configure

Remove the course that is pre-configured

PAIR3021 selected. Remove highlighted. Other buttons are blurred out.

Add the course that you will be recording into

PAIR2024 selected and Add highlighted. Other buttons are blurred out.

Click on submit

Cancel / Submit

You can confirm the settings work when your Blackboard Course ID and Panopto folder name do not match