Panopto – Create – Checking microphones and webcams

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The following steps will help you check your microphone levels and / or webcam

Panopto videos must have a primary source, otherwise they will never finish processing after the video has uploaded. It is not possible to recover the screen recording from a session that has not had a primary source recording.

  • If you have a webcam connected (and wish to use it) select it from the “Video” drop down list, otherwise ensure it says None
  • From the “Audio” drop down menu select the microphone you wish to use. If you have just connected a USB headset (or other microphone) it should be pre-selected.
  • Make sure “Standard” is selected as the quality if you are capturing your screen. If you are only capturing Primary video, change the quality to “High”.

Panopto primary source window with a microphone selected, quality standard, level at 60% and 4 green bars lit up

The most important step in Panopto is to ensure that your microphone a) works and b) is set to the correct volume.

  • Speak into your microphone and adjust the recording volume slider so that your voice fills the green bar when speaking normally and doesn’t light the last red square when speaking loudly

Level meter with arrows drawn on showing it moves left and right

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