Live streaming a Panopto recording

You can live-stream a Panopto recording to your students in other rooms around campus or around the world by clicking on a single checkbox before starting your recording.

If you live-stream a presentation you will not have the opportunity to pause the recording at any point

How to live-stream a recording

  1. Run through the normal process for starting Panopto and recording a new session, but don’t press Record.
    (Help on this topic is available on this website)
  2. Tick the “Webcast” button in the top right corner
    The Panopto recorder. In the top right corner a checkbox named webcast is ticked
  3. Press “Record”.

How to watch a live-streamed recording

You can watch a live-stream recording in the same way as an on-demand recording. Simply go to Blackboard and go to your courses Recorded Sessions folder.

Live streams have an extra “Recording” icon next to them

Red record icon. 03 October 2016 hyperlink. Recording right now into NOC-TRAINING