Panopto – Copying a video to another folder / course

    1. First, load the Panopto admin website at Log in with Blackboard.
      Open Panopto Administration Website
    2. Next, browse to the folder that contains the video(s) you wish to copy
      BIOL1001-10362-15-16 folder within a BIOL1001 folder within a BIOL folder
    3. Tick the boxes next to the sessions you wish to copy
  1. Click on Copy
  2. Either search for your course or browse for it in the list. Remember that your Blackboard course is the one that contains the year (BIOL1001-10362-18-19, not BIOL1001)
    Panopto search box with BIOL1001 typed and four results, 1 is BIOL1001 3 are the year folders for 18 19 and 20
  3. Finally, click on the large copy button that appears

    "Copy to BIOL1003". A green copy button and close button are visible. The copy button is highlighted.
    Click to enlarge

Your videos will need to be processed by Panopto (in a similar way to when you uploaded them from the Panopto recorder). They should be visible to students in less than an hour (often within 5 minutes).