Panopto – Allow students to download content

For Panopto content areas created after 19/09/17, the podcast feed is disabled. However, it is quick and easy to enable downloads.

If someone can see content on their screen they can capture it. No website can categorically stop a malicious user from downloading the video.

To allow students to capture video click on the settings cog within your Panopto folder, select “Settings” and change “Downloads enabled” to “Authenticated users with access”.

Panopto settings, enable podcast, allow students to make notes visible, email users. Downloads enabled. Drop down list Authenticated users with access.

Students – How to download videos

Launch the video and click on the download icon in the top menu. If the button is not visible then either

a) your lecturer has not enabled video downloads, you will need to send them this page

b) the course folder or session title is too long and is hiding the button, maximise your window or zoom out (ctrl -) until you see it

highlighted arrow pointing downwards to a solid line (download button)