Panopto – Moving multiple videos into another folder / course

If you want to rollover content, or save videos from being deleted by the retention policy, please follow this advice: Rolling over Panopto content.
    1. First, load the Panopto admin website at Log in with Blackboard.
    2. Next, find the folder that contains the video(s) you wish to move
      BIOL1001-10362-15-16 folder within a BIOL1001 folder within a BIOL folder
    3. Tick the boxes next to the sessions you want to move

  1. Click on Move
  2. From the drop down list, choose the folder you wish to move the videos into

    Drop down with choose a folder. 7 different biology courses are listed
    Click to enlarge
  3. Finally click on the large green Move button that appears

    Folder name. A large green move button. A close button
    The folder to move your sessions to. Click to enlarge

Your videos do not need to be re-processed and will be available immediately to students. The links to the videos will remain the same, however only the students assigned to the new folder / course will be able to see the video.