Panopto – Automatically delay content to a Blackboard course / Panopto folder

By default, Panopto content is recorded into Blackboard course folders. It uploads, process and is made available to students automatically.

If you would like the opportunity to review the content you create, before it is released to Blackboard, then you can use the Publisher feature.

When the availability settings are set to use a publisher, a nominated person receives an email with a link. The publisher must click on the link in the email before the content is visible to students.

To activate this within your course go to Blackboard (or the Panopto admin website at and find your content folder) and click on the settings cog for your folder.

Select “Settings” and scroll down to “Availability”.

Click on the circle next to “when approved by a publisher”.

Close the pop-up window.

You may receive some emails asking you to approve the content that is already in your course folder. You can approve this via the emails or the new buttons that appear when you click on “Settings” for each video.

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