ResponseWare for tutors

This page is archived for legacy users of Turning Point. Any new users should view the Vevox support pages.

ResponseWare is an online service that enables students to participate in votes presented using Turning Point using their own internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Special apps are available for iOS and Android devices, but students can also vote via a website that can be accessed using a standard web browser.

You can have a mix of students voting using the clicker handsets and ResponseWare with their own device. For example, if you don’t have enough clickers for every student, some could use ResponseWare. Alternatively, you might have students at a remote location viewing a lecture via videoconference, and they could take part in votes by using ResponseWare.

The University had 25 ResponseWare licences for individual tutors, each of which allowed a maximum of 500 simultaneous logins by students.

  • You will not be able to use ResponseWare unless you have been given a licence and created your Turning Point account.
  • These licences ran until the end of January 2018.

Using the European server

In the past, we used the ResponseWare servers in the US. Data protection issues and greater use of Turning Point by European institutions have led to ResponseWare servers based in the EU, and our licences use these.

This means that when you use ResponseWare in a CLS room you will need to connect to the EU server instead of the default US server. It seems that you only need to do it once for each CLS room – so Turning Point should ‘remember’ the EU server the next time you use that room. And of course, if you use your own laptop you will only need to enter the details the first time.

The address of the EU server is

Students who connect via a web browser will need to go to

Students who connect via an app on their phone or tablet will need to select the EU server – the student guide includes details of how to do this.

How to use ResponseWare during a lecture (summary)

  1. Start Turning Point, select PowerPoint polling and open your presentation
  2. Use the Red button on Turning Point toolbar to Reset the session data
  3. Click the ResponseWare button on the Turning Point toolbar:
    • Is the Server URL the default US server ?
    • If so, click the Change button, type the EU Server URL and click Change to save
  4. Type your ResponseWare username (email) and password
  5. In the Participant Options section, select Allow Guests and Do not prompt participants to enter user information, then click the Login button.
  6. Click to accept the terms & conditions of use
  7. Write the six-digit Session ID where students can easily see it, or ask them to note it down
  • Students vote by joining this session. They should EITHER:
    • Open the ResponseWare app on their device,
    • access Settings menu and choose the European region server (the first time only),
    • type the Session ID and click Join
  • OR browse to, type the Session ID and click Join
  • Run your presentation; students will be able to vote when there is a question on screen
  • At the end of the session, close your presentation and save the data if you wish to.

Instructions for students

These are given on a separate page – you should add a link to your Blackboard course and/or email your students so that they can create a browser bookmark or install the ResponseWare app in advance of its first use in class.