Availability of Zappers

Some academic units have bought their own sets of clickers (zappers)  and these are listed below, along with the contact details of the person responsible for managing their use. You will normally only be able to use sets belonging to your own academic unit.

Note that the Library loan service is no longer available.

Zapper owners – May 2011
Owner No. Contact Phone Email
Chemistry 180 David Read 28562 D.Read@soton.ac.uk
Psychology 150 Paul Reynolds 28720 P.Reynolds@soton.ac.uk
Health Sciences 200 Adrienne Thomas 28263 at1@soton.ac.uk
Medicine 240 SoM Reception AB233 79 5686 somsgh@soton.ac.uk
Biological Sciences 80 Matthew Bellamy 25569 m.bellamy@soton.ac.uk
Social Sciences 80 Amos Channon 25673 a.r.channon@soton.ac.uk
WSA 64 Media Stores (drop in)

Please contact digital-learning@soton.ac.uk if these details need amending.