TurningPoint Clickers


This page is archived for legacy users of Turning Point. Any new users should view the Vevox support pages.

Zapper handset and USB receiverClickers (previously called zappers) are small handsets which enable students to answer multiple-choice questions displayed using PowerPoint. The results are instantly available as a graph for the lecturer and students to see and discuss. The data can be exported and saved using convenient Excel report formats.

Hundreds of handsets can communicate with a single USB receiver. The handsets have a long range, do not need line-of-sight and have proved very reliable and easy to use in lectures.

The system we have is Turning Point from www.turningtechnologies.co.uk

Alternatively, students can vote online using their mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) using ResponseWare via an app or web browser. Tutors require a ResponseWare instructor licence. Note that our ResponseWare licence will expire at the end of semester 1 in January 2018 and there are no plans or funds to renew it.

Used effectively, this technology has been shown to improve interaction, attendance, enjoyment and outcome of classroom teaching (Duncan 2005).


Some academic units have bought their own sets, and these are listed here, along with the contact details of the person responsible for managing their use. You will normally only be able to use sets belonging to your own academic unit.

Note that the Library loan service is no longer available.


There is currently no scheduled training in the use of the Zappers.

Turning Technologies provide many useful guides and videos, and the built-in online help is also good.

A Quick Step-by-step Guide to Clickers – one sheet of A4 with all the info you need.

How to Use Turning Point clickers in a Common Learning Space – this PDF set of screenshots takes you step-by-step through using clickers in a CLS.


Please see our list of FAQs and their answers.


Note that Turning Point version 5.3  is installed on all Common Learning Space PCs, so all you need to do is log in, plug in the USB receiver, distribute the handsets to the students, start TurningPoint, open your PowerPoint presentation and go. See this guide for details.

You will need to install the TurningPoint on your office Windows PC so that you can prepare your PowerPoint presentation or add question slides to an existing presentation. Most academic staff have a Windows computer managed by iSolutions in which case you can install Turning Point from the Additional Software icon on your desktop.

The only version available to download from the Turning Point websites (UK and US) is the latest one, version 8. You can only use this if you have an instructor licence. Note that these will expire in January 2018.

Do not use a USB receiver with Turning Point 8 – it will update it so it can no longer be used with Turning Point 5. The Digital Learning team has some accidentally upgraded receivers you could use, but most TP 8 tutors get their students to vote online using ResponseWare.